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lindaorvispicWriting in general has been a great blessing in my life. It has provided escape when I’ve needed it, as well as a conduit for a creativity, which feeds a part of me I value. Writing has also shoved me forward into things like: new technology, business, and the willingness to risk. It has made me thicker-skinned and able to take as well as implement criticism, which has almost always made my writing better. I now look at writing as the perfect nudger. It’s always nudging me to explore, write better, never give up.


Books By Linda…

theplacecoverThe Place

“A quietly shocking page-turner that chooses to be poetic instead of preachy. The finale is truly jolting.”  –  Kirkus Reviews

There are five things I know undeniably, and I hang onto them with everything I am. They are:

I am not crazy. My therapist assures me of that.

I don’t see things that aren’t there.

I’m not reincarnated.

I am not an alien, nor have I been abducted by one.

And …

I come from a place that is not here.

Would you worry about your sanity if you frequently visited another world? Elizabeth Owens does. That’s why she consults a therapist after concealing her experiences in what she calls The Place throughout her thirty-four years of life.

Then someone from The Place begins stalking her––tries to murder her.


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roughcutcoverRough Cut

Should anyone feel sorry for my life? Hell no. It toughened me for what was coming: the Great Depression, hunger, riding the rails, living in a CCC camp, stealing, running from the law, World War II and the shame of a 4F classification. When they got desperate and finally let me do my part, I was made a medic and a flamethrower operator in the Army. So first I’d burn the Japanese out of caves, then work like hell to save their charred bodies. Later I was assigned to examine prostitutes for V.D. 

What’s the point of telling my story? There isn’t any, unless it’s to show how a mean life can cause a person to look inside and choose to do something better for his kids.


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hopecoverHope: Classic Historical Fiction


Hope, who has always craved adventure, is abducted from her Cornwall, England home in the early 1850s and taken to Gold Rush San Francisco. She escapes her kidnapper and lives with the California Indians for a year.

She travels the Pacific Northwest with a mountain man, is attacked by a wolverine, and eventually creates a life in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. This story also follows Hope’s friend, Ian, who leaves Cornwall to search for her until he’s convinced she’s burned to death in a fire. He becomes embroiled in the San Francisco underworld, determined to avenge her death.

Life aboard ship, and with the Indians, as well as with Micah, the trapper, transforms Hope into “a woman to reckon with.”

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inthemouseholecoverIn The Mousehole: 

Non-Fiction Funny Stories


I’ve learned many things raising five boys and one girl, but the most important are:

✺ Always lock the door when you go to the bathroom.

✺ Write down what you can. You may need facts to defend yourself when asked to visit their therapists.

✺ Two survival essentials: Humor to keep you from wigging out and creativity to keep you five steps ahead of a four-year-old.

✺ Parents live in the trenches together. We nod and chuckle when we hear how three-year-old Natalie unwrapped, then dumped a Costco-sized box of Tampons into the toilet.

✺ Finally, and most importantly: when you document the truth, you get the last word.


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